Customer feedbacks(buying and management)

Here is customer feedbacks again.

I have still been helping and contacting them for many reasons. Many kind of requests related to real restate in Japan are always welcome.


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Kotaro san helped us purchase a studio in downtown Tokyo at Jimbocho in 2016.

In 2017 Kotaro san again helped in the purchase of a ski property in Hakuba, Nagano.

For the last 3 years he has continued to assist in management and any other matters relating to living in Japan.  He is always helpful and we would continue working with him in the future.

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Barry Miller


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I am from Canada, and I found Kotaro Kikkawa on the internet while looking at properties. I sent an email to inquire about details of a condominium, and he replied to my mail.

Honestly, I can say I was looking at a range of properties, and not anything specific, or fopr a specific purpose. I was looking for opportunities. I feel that Kotaro was able to understand the direction I was looking to go.

I had had dealings with other real estate companies in Japan and found that they wanted to sell you properties which were convenient for their sales numbers. They did not try to match the customers needs. They were a bit pushy in sales and avoided showing you all the properties available.

I found Kotaro tried to understand my vision as a customer, and he was able to find a property for me that fit into my long term and short term plans. Kotaro makes and effort to answer questions, even if they are a bit silly, and is patient with a novice buyer.

As a result I have introduced him to a few of my contacts and I expect they will be pleased. I have no problem whatsoever recommending Kotaro to anyone in search of assistance in the real estate market in Japan.


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吉川 晃太郎

カナダのカルガリーとトロントに合計2年間滞在。英語が全くしゃべれない状態(TOEICが300点以下)で出発する。語学学校での勉強後、現地の小さな留学エージェントで働くようになる。 帰国後、1人でサッカーボールの寄付活動をフィリピンとカンボジアで行い、東南アジアの国に興味を持ち、フィリピン留学エージェントを始める。 その後、外国人向けの不動産売買や実家のお好み焼き屋で使用しているソースも販売開始。まだまだやりたい事があるので様々な事に挑戦中。