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Here is other customer feedbacks of leasing.

Renting apartments in Japan is harder than you think, especially for foreign people.

I am sorry but many owners do not accept foreign people as tenant and can not handle it because of language problem. My clients and I are always facing this difficulty. Recently the situation are getting better, though.



Name: Gord Where


from: Canada


What kind of property: apartment that was pet friendly


How did Kotaro-san help: Kotaro-san was a huge help in finding us an apartment that would accept foreigners with a pet. He went above and beyond for us. He made sure we had all the required paperwork completed, and that the basic utilities were up and running. He was by far the most attentive, hard working, and detail oriented real estate agent we have ever worked with. Kotaro-san made the entire process painless. We would recommend him to everyone.




Recently due to a job change, I moved from another part of Japan to Tokyo.

As a local hire I need to make arrangements for housing on my own. I looked around

but there were not many real estate agencies that could accommodate foreigners.


Lucky I was able to find Tokyo Best Realtors, and they introduced me to Kotaro-san.

Kotaro-san, was able to find a great apartment for me that worked for my budget and location preferences.

The process was fast and easy. I would definitely recommend contacting with him if you are in need of and apartment, or if you’re thinking of buying a home.



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吉川 晃太郎

カナダのカルガリーとトロントに合計2年間滞在。英語が全くしゃべれない状態(TOEICが300点以下)で出発する。語学学校での勉強後、現地の小さな留学エージェントで働くようになる。 帰国後、1人でサッカーボールの寄付活動をフィリピンとカンボジアで行い、東南アジアの国に興味を持ち、フィリピン留学エージェントを始める。 その後、外国人向けの不動産売買や実家のお好み焼き屋で使用しているソースも販売開始。まだまだやりたい事があるので様々な事に挑戦中。