Customer feedbacks (buying units for investment)

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This article is customer feedback about my work and you will know how I am helping foreign clients.


*Name(Nickname is also fine) – Sunthorn


*Where are you from? – Bangkok, Thailand


*What kind of property were you looking for? – I looked for Tokyo rooms.


*How did Kotaro help you? – When I considered to buy a room, Kotaro san was helping me from starting. He listened to what I want and suggested me properties that were in criteria. So I was able to buy a property I want smoothly. He also suggested a company to do property management. When I decided to buy another property, I was not hesitate to ask Kotaro san to help me deal with it. So it was smoothly done. I will surely ask him if I want to buy others.


*Other businesses with Kotaro(if any) – I don’t have any business with him. However, I consider him as a friend. If I have time when I come to Japan, I meet him if I have time. He also help me buying some tickets that only Japanese can do.



*Name(Nickname is also fine) Bobby


*Where are you from? Singapore


*What kind of property were you looking for? Small apartments


*How did Kotaro help you? He showed   the various units in Tokyo over the few days. I wanted to buy almost immediate. He was of great service!


*Other businesses with Kotaro(if any)






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